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Sponsor Possibilities

Help Us Inspire Students To Discover Life’s Limitless Possibilities and Leave No Dreams Behind

“Sponsor A Student To Discover Life’s Limitless Possibilities” is when a customer (YOU) or a corporation sponsors the costs of a Limitless Supply Co. "Sponsor A Student" product for one or more students; or for one or more students who do not have the means to do so for themselves.  Following your sponsorship, Lester Sanders will prompt students at his next speaking engagement to stand and publicly, “Speak Their Possibilities Into Existence” and to those who boldly stand for themselves and their possibilities will receive the product that has been sponsored on their behalf.  Limitless Supply Co. stands firmly on the idea that you never know who may be supporting your dream(s) when you take the first step!

“Sponsor A Student To Discover Life’s Limitless Possibilities” was created to merge sponsors who have the means to purchase products from Limitless Supply Co. with students who desire inspirational products that would inspire them daily to take the necessary action steps to make what’s possible, a reality.

Partner With Us And Sponsor A Student 

Consider the various sponsorship levels below:

Dream Level - One time sponsorship of a product.

Believe Level - (One per year) Yearly sponsorship of a product.

Prepare Level - (Two per year) Bi-Yearly sponsorship of a product.

Grind Level - (Four per year) Quarterly sponsorship of a product.

Repeat Level - (Twelve per year) Monthly sponsorship of a product.

Limitless Level - (Thirteen or more per year) Unlimited number of sponsored products in a one year period. You  choose!

Whatever level of sponsored partnership you choose, Limitless Supply Co. helps provide inspirational products, character, leadership and life skills development sessions for students in local school districts, universities/colleges and churches in Stark County, Ohio.  

Each Inspirational Product Purchase = A Seed Planted To Discover Life's Limitless Possibilities

Next Steps

  1. Click on our "Sponsor A Student" link in our Shop on the left of this page, then choose the product(s) that you would like to sponsor.  *No shipping fees apply to products marked "Sponsor A Student".*
  2. Sponsored products will be given to students at Lester's next speaking engagement. or
  3. If you have any questions or would like more information on becoming a sponsor, click the Contact link on the left of this page and leave us a message.